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So instead of stopping the horny, she makes the horny?


I admire the effort in the animation itself, but the remix choice is absolutely terrible, there are a couple of errors (The biggest one being that you forgot to animate Tankman saying "Pretty good!".

All in all, you get a 4/10. 9 for effort, 1 for the funny at the begining, -1 for that one mistake and -4 for the choice of song.

You REALLY should have chosen something better. Like the original, for example. The song is just way too loud, thus literally causing me a headache.

Next time, please use a better remix if you don't want to use the original for whatever reason.

I actually thought that this was reanimated for a second until the alsralian guy cursed.

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Pretty fun, but I can't get over a few things. 1: The lack of Cyotie Time (That thing that allows you to jump like, a little bit after stepping off a ledge) 2: The fact that dying only resets your position and not the entire level, and finally, the fact that this is one of the glitchiest games I've ever played on here.

Other than that, it was pretty funny, but more meh due to the previous problems I had stated.

3/10, really should have been more polished.

Flappy Disk is literally just Flappy Bird but with 80's visuals
Hexscape is another kind of rip-off game
3D Cube Runner is pretty fun
Gravity Switch is too easy if you're just trying to last for a long time
Pong is literally just Pong,
And Super Shooter is REALLY stressful.


8.5 out of 10, too much capitalism.

But seriously though, this is a really fun game! But thing is, the goal presented (Reach the goal with the most coins possible) wasn't very fun.

The goal that I found was "How do I cheese this level?"

And that is certainly not the intended goal. But I found the new goal to be way more fun than the presented goal.

So now I have a game idea and bankruptcy but it was all worth it.

Actual score? 8 out of 10. The intended goal wasn't engaging enough fr me to strive for it.

Possible solution? Make it where you can't go in the red. As soon as you can't buy any more blocks/hammers, you shouldn't be able to buy any more blocks/hammers. That way, I would have to think about my uses of the tools presented to me and I would be more likely to try to get the intended goal.

baba-s responds:

Thank you for your useful advice!

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I wasn't expecting this to be on here, but I love it!

Ho-ly crap.

This is a pretty good Remix! First of all, the notes are pretty much in perfect place and the Drums are great! The intro is a bit long but I can forgive that. But 2:13 to 2:26 is kinda… Meh. And 2:42 to 2:55 is not that great either. Also, the Outro is kinda drawn out but eh. Overall, it's a pretty nice Song that is faithful to the original!

FelixZophar responds:

Well thanks! I mean, I'm trying big room.

Did you just... Rick Roll me?!

Other than that, great song! Defiantly one of your best!

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That's literally 4-bit graphics there. I applaud you!

So she's lean & mean along with... Y'know...

Being full of beta-carrotene

Masocists: I see this as an absolute win!

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